A new way to get around.

This is no ordinary bikeshare.

100,000 Bikes.


In 2017, we'll deploy over 100,000 bicycles in the U.S. and improve the way people move about in cities, starting with our home city of San Francisco.

Moving people efficiently in dense environments is an age-old problem. Rideshare was the last major advance in urban transportation, but it isn’t the end-all solution. As a mode of transport, rideshare is still subject to traffic congestion, can be pricey, and slow for short-distance travel.

Spin is bikeshare, reinvented. We are the "Google Bikes for cities".

Spin's bikes will be parked neatly all across the city, and can be unlocked with a scan from your phone. You can ride them anywhere within the designated service area, and leave them anywhere responsible and legal to park a bike. With plenty of coverage, you'll only be steps away from our bikes.

Biking is often the quickest last-mile transport option in increasingly gridlocked cities. In the last five years, American cities have committed over $1 billion to add and upgrade biking infrastructure. Bay Area transportation officials have acknowledged that bikeshare systems are an "important addition" to the transportation network that can play a vital last mile connection for public transit. We're excited to see the effects of our experiment on congestion, the environment, and the health of our communities, including local storefronts.

Our team consists of alumni of Lyft, Y Combinator, and Disqus. We are engineers, product designers, and investors who are passionate about making it easier for people to get around.

We've been doing small private trials around town, and in the next few weeks, you'll start seeing more of our colorful orange bikes on the streets of San Francisco as we start our pilots. Be kind to them, they're there to help you get around.

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